Three Reasons Why Candles Make Great Gifts For Men.

Did you know that men love candles nearly as much as women do? There’s a misconception that men don’t like candles because they’re too “airy-fairy”, but this is simply not true. However; due to stigma, men may feel a little embarrassed to say they like a product that is considered to be feminine, but times are changing and so are men’s attitudes. Men are much more in touch with their feminine side than they have ever been and today masculine scented candle sales are sky-rocketing.

In 2017, men spent $320 million dollars on candles in the U.S alone. The once sole province of women is now being invaded by men who want a piece of the action. Men’s clothing stores are capitalising on this new trend, burning scented candles in-store that promote a sexy, clean, masculine atmosphere. Favourite fragrances include bergamot, musk, sandalwood, and fresh, spicy, woody notes that are very similar to a man’s cologne. Today’s modern man demands a fragrance that helps him project his identity while making him feel good. Scented candles such as C.A.R.E’s Nocturne, are made for this very reason. 

Three Reasons Why Men Love Scented Candles


Guys experience stress just as much as women and there’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work to enjoy a great meal and a glass of wine in the glow of candlelight. Many men spend hours looking at computer screens and the soft glow of a candle in the evening is much gentler on their eyes and mind than harsh light globes. 

What Smells Good Makes You Feel Good.

Besides helping you to unwind, candles are also great for getting rid of nasty odours and for improving your mood. Many women have an emotional connection to fragrances, but men are more likely to experience an aphrodisiac effect to some scents such as Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Musk. What better reason is there to light a scented candle than to make you feel good. Grab a “Mandle” and turn the mood on in your house.

Women (and Men) Love Candles!

If you didn’t already know this then where have you been hiding? Women associate candles with home, relaxation and romance so why wouldn’t you burn them? Yes, women like feminine aromas, but they LOVE a masculine scent and candles, especially if they smell like you! There’s nothing quite like cosying up by soft candlelight with that special someone. Just light a candle and let the magic happen. 

The Gift That Keeps Giving 

Candles for men or “Mandles” are more popular today than they have ever been. So if you haven’t already tried C.A.R.E’s Nocturne scented candle, designed specifically for men then now is a good time to try. Be a part of the change we are making in the world. Purchase any candle from our range and we’ll buy a food pack for a homeless person, or the money will help make a care package for a victim of domestic violence.